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Cheryl Green

August 2023

We have been very busy at Laughter and Life running Laughter, Meditation groups as well as courses on Mindfulness, Happiness, Positivity.

Laughter Yoga is popular with groups we ran a series of workshops with Headway in Luton which were well received.

The monthly Laughter Club continues, in the winter months we have been running them on Zoom, currently we are running monthly in person Laughter club.

It was a pleasure to run a series of Mindfulness sessions for ELFT Recovery College at the Beacon, we also practiced a little laughter yoga as well great fun.

Likewise, we have run several courses at the Retirement Education Session in Bedford, the last one was Called Game Changing Brain Changing about how we can change the way we think and have a more positive Mindset by using simple techniques which we practised and we able to use their beautiful garden. Looking Forward to running a course there in November on Emotional Intelligence.

We were pleased to be invited to be part of the successful Wellness Day organised by Bedford Borough Council held in Bedford Park, we ran a Laughter Yoga Session and a meditation based on nature.

For several years we have run Mindfulness/ Meditation practice groups Currently there are weekly in person (daytime) and Zoom (evening) Mindfulness practice group. Due to interest we are planning to run evening in person Mindfulness Sessions and some short courses.

Enjoy the rest of the Summer. Cheryl

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