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Through evolution our brains are wired to have a negative bias, but we can change this. Over the years the science of happiness” has been developed referring to a field of social science called positive psychology.

There are various elements to happiness by looking at the ways we think and act we can “rewire our brain” to be happy. This includes looking at how we view and action life’s ups and downs, the importance of joy, kindness, gratitude and laughter to our overall happiness.

Why Happiness?

Benefits of Happiness

Happiness is a state of mind where we find inner joy and peace. There are many techniques that we can use to improve or gain happiness.

Happiness is good for your health. Studies have shown that happiness lowers heart rate and blood pressure. It combats stress, boosts your immune system, and protects you from aches and pains.

Research shows that happy people are more productive. Companies proactively look at ways of improving their employee happiness.

Laughter is a great conduit for happiness and can if done on a regular basis sustain our overall happiness.

By understanding true happiness our everyday life is much improved as we have inner sustained joy.

At Laughter and Life we offer a range of opportunities for people to improve their wellbeing be it in a group or on a personal basis. Wellbeing is a personal and we can help you to identify what is best for you.

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